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What to Look for In a Senior Living Community

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Guiding a loved one through the transition to senior living is one of the most significant decisions a family can make. There are many decisions with many correct answers! The “best” choice depends on what your loved one wants and needs. And that’s what matters in this journey.

What to look for in a senior living community is about what your loved one wants, so let them choose their priorities while also considering the type of care they require. Consider these factors:

  • Location and accessibility
  • Types of care
  • Floorplans and amenities
  • Staff qualifications
  • Cost
  • Social environment and events
  • Healthcare services and emergency response
  • Visiting policies

This task can feel daunting, but break it down into smaller parts and focus on what truly matters: your loved one thriving in their new home.

Location & Accessibility

For most, proximity to family is often at the top of the list. Moving in shouldn’t mean moving away, and a bit of distance doesn’t mean your relationships can’t be maintained. Modern senior living is more than just an apartment; it’s an extension of family support so that ties remain strong and readily accessible.

Help your loved one find a place where the kids, grandkids, and friends can still visit.

Equally important is accessibility to medical facilities, as healthcare becomes a significant part of an older adult’s life. Quick access to doctors, specialists, and hospitals is critical for residents’ well-being.

Look at the surrounding area. From parks to performing arts, these perks can make the transition more welcome. The richness of life lies in the diversity of experiences. A community close to various amenities can help your loved one feel connected.

Types of Care Provided

Everyone’s needs are a unique combination of medical requirements, personal preferences, and activities that bring joy. Living comfortably means having a lifestyle that meets these needs but doesn’t overwhelm or impact their freedom.

Whether your loved one needs independent living, assisted living, or specialized memory care for those with dementia—a variety of care options within one community means as needs change, the level of support can seamlessly adapt without the burden of moving to a new location.

Communities should offer a holistic approach to care, understanding that physical, mental, and emotional well-being are intricately connected.

Floorplans & Amenities

The space we inhabit reflects and supports our lives. From cozy studios to spacious 2-bedroom apartments, the freedom to choose a living space that best suits personal comfort is invaluable.

High-quality dining experiences are at the heart of the community, providing social interactions and nutritious meals that highlight many residents’ days. An active lifestyle is a vibrant one. Make sure the community offers diverse programs to keep the body and mind engaged.

Staff Qualifications & Reputation

The people are the heart of any senior living community, providing care, companionship, and a sense of homeliness. Look for communities with seasoned, compassionate staff that understand seniors’ needs and a reputation that echoes trust and excellence.

Ask for testimonials and seek out the experiences of residents and their families to gain a true understanding of the quality of care offered on a day-to-day basis.

Cost & Financial Planning

While spreadsheets aren’t always fun, financial factors cannot be overlooked. Unraveling complex fee structures early in the decision-making process can alleviate future financial shocks, allowing for clear, sustainable planning. A good community should be transparent about any costs.

Future financial health is just as important as current accounting. Look for a community that offers flexible long-term payment options.

Social Environment & Community Engagement

A senior living community is a space where social connections can bloom, fostering growth, joy, and purpose. Communities with a strong sense of support and collective belonging create an atmosphere where residents can thrive and form new relationships. 

Examine the social calendar and the depth of engagement it offers. Ask your loved one if it aligns with their desire for continued active and meaningful living. A dynamic social calendar reflects a community’s commitment to providing a rich, engaging lifestyle with various activities to cater to diverse interests.

Healthcare Services & Emergency Response

Health does not stick to schedules. An effective healthcare service supplemented by robust emergency protocols can give residents and their families confidence that care is available when needed.

Does the community have an on-site healthcare professional for residents who need extra assistance? How about regular visits from physicians for checkups? Transparent emergency protocols and regular drills prepare staff and residents for unforeseen events, offering safety and assurance.

Visiting Policies

It goes without saying, but visits from loved ones are precious. Find a community that offers ample time with loved ones, unrestricted by policies. Make sure there are open lines of communication between staff and your family. This fosters a partnership that’s essential in delivering personalized care.

A group of older adults at a senior living community sit around a table laughing and playing cards together

A Community of Choice

Whew! That does seem like a lot, but choosing a senior living community is about more than finding a place to reside; it’s about selecting a community that respects individuality, promotes health and well-being, and offers a vibrant, fulfilling lifestyle.

At Boden Senior Living, we understand selecting the right senior living community is an act of love—one that shapes the next chapter of life in a way that honors the unique path of every resident.

Our community is inspired by the desire to provide the highest quality of life and care, and we recognize the privilege of being part of each resident’s extraordinary journey. We invite you to book a tour and learn more about how we can be part of your family’s story.

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